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Anonymous asked:

emilia clarke? lena headey? sophie tuner?

Ooooh, the Game of Thrones ladies!

Mmmm, Fuck Lena, marry Sophie and get drunk with Emilia (how funny is that that I could marry Sophie but not get drunk with her?)

But in all honesty, I’d be happy to fuck, marry and get drunk (out of GoT-style gobelets of course) with Lena every fucking day!!


I always meet him at Mel’s parties, and we always end up talking movies. Last night was no exception. After dancing salsa, merengue and samba, we smoked and talked films and TV on the balcony. We sat across the table, facing each other at first, and as the conversation went by, from marveling at the gem that is Some Like It Hot to praising auteurs like Fincher, Singer, Cassavetes, Godard or Tarantino,  he moved closer to me. I like films, I’m passionate about them and being considered some kind of expert is not unflattering. I talk with my hands, and I’m demonstrative. So is he. As we were raving about Cate Blanchett and Benedict Cumberbatch, dissecting Sherlock with sheer pleasure, his accidental brushing of my thigh became less and less accidental.  He lingered there as he invited me to come and sleep at his place (rather than Mel’s). To watch The Sign of Four y’know. Yeah. How do you tell someone “I just really like talking movies with you”?

Pound Cake French Toast with Peaches



When you’ve partied all through Saturday night until morning (i.e. 6am), Sunday Brunch is the best. Upgrade your French toast recipe to this Pound Cake French Toast with Peaches, and make your Sunday mornings sweet!

Ingredients (serves 4):


Favorite Lesbian/Bi/Queer Characters: Imagine Me & You - Luce
Rachel: Oh, alright. What about the azalea?
Luce: The azalea means ‘may you achieve financial security’. See?
Rachel: Lovely. Now, tell me about the lily.
Luce: The lily means… the lily means ‘I dare you to love me’.

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